Lätta Fakta

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If you are in Sweden, you should register with the library and make use of books to improve your Swedish. You can find many books that you can understand, even though it takes time to find something readable. Nowadays, I like reading "lätta fakta" series, which aim to teach children some facts about the world. I scanned a page from a book named "Kaninkul med Vatten", where two cousins talk about water.
Vad upptäcker du?
- Ska vi smaka nu? Det friska vattnet vid ytan kan vi dricka lite av.
- Mm, vad gott det är! Vi kan väl ta med oss lite pä vägen?
upptäcka: to find out, discover
friska: fresh
vid ytan: on the surface
lite av: a little bit of
ta med: to bring with
Categories of books for Swedish students: Lättlästa, barnböcker, lätta fakta

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